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Transitional Wardrobe Must-Haves

By Sara Antonuccio
Like the growing out stages of a pixie cut, every year our wardrobes go through an awkward phase that’s caught in between the changing seasons. It’s too hot for a coat but too cold for a light dress, so how do you manage to strike a balance? It’s all in the transitional pieces, and these are the ones you need:
The Jacket
A strategically chosen jacket will save you on those unexpectedly brisk evenings and chilly mornings. Your climate will dictate the right jacket, but some of the best styles for a transitional wardrobe include a jean jacket, light windbreaker, and the classic trench coat. Jean jackets are fun, casual, and fit just as well with a light breezy skirt as they do a pair of pants. Windbreakers are excellent in cities that carry in the autumn chill early, not to mention they’re easy to layer, and trench coats are classic for a reason.
The Jeans
For those of us who love jeans, transitional weather is a celebrated time to bring out our old friends again. But, when it’s not quite cold enough for a sturdy pair of denim, it’s important to choose a pair that will still be comfortable in warmer weather. Light wash ankle jeans fit the bill, since they not only absorb less heat than darker washes, they leave a bit of skin exposed so you can breathe. 
The Cardigan
The almighty cardigan is a necessity in any transitional wardrobe. In fact, they’re so versatile that you’ll probably want to keep more than one on hand. Keep your transitional cardigans thin and light so they can be worn over a dress or under a jacket depending on the weather. Short cardigans with large buttons have a sweet, classy look, while long cardigans are casual and cozy. 
The Button-Up
For a wardrobe piece that can be classed up for work and dressed down for errands, nothing fits quite like a button up. Linen and cotton button up blouses are light and breathable, and having a variety in soft shades like blue, white, or blush will give you plenty of variation. You should also have both three quarter length sleeve and long sleeve options available. 
The Accessories
One simple accessory can change your entire outfit. Take tights, for example. Add a pair of tights to the right dress, and suddenly you have a work-ready outfit that you can wear even as the weather cools down. Scarves are another great transitional accessory, since you can take them on or off as needed and keep one in your purse just in case.
Five simple pieces is all it takes to put together the perfect transitional wardrobe. Of course, it couldn’t hurt to have more than one of each! After all, moderation is so last year.