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Kitchen Items We Need This Holiday

By Kelsey Hokit
The holidays always involve more time in the kitchen whether you are hosting a large gathering at your home or preparing a dish to take to someone else’s house. It can be frustrating to get into the kitchen only to realize you are missing something to make whatever you need. This list of kitchen items you need for the holidays will ensure that you are prepared to make anything you need during this season!
1! A Great Mixer
Whether you get a stand mixer or a hand mixer, you are guaranteed to get plenty of use out of this kitchen appliance. Not only are mixers used frequently for baked goods, but you can also use mixers to make mashed potatoes, shred chicken, and mix sauces. A stand mixer can be helpful if you want to be able to do things hands-free, but you can also find great hand mixers to do just as great of a job. 
2. Silicone Baking Mat
A silicone baking mat is a great addition to any kitchen. You can use these mats to place over your baking sheets when you are baking something. They are nonstick and easy to clean, while also protecting your baking sheet from getting dirty. 
3. Storage Containers
You will be cooking and baking quite a bit throughout the holiday season and probably transporting food to other people’s houses. Having good storage containers will allow you to store leftovers as well as easily take your food somewhere else. You can find plastic or glass storage containers and can typically purchase them in a set so you can have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. 
4. Immersion Blender
An immersion blender will come in handy all year long but can be especially helpful throughout the holidays. This will allow you to easily mix sauces and soups right in the pot or pan they are in. This can save you from having to move your food into an actual blender, which will save you time and dirty dishes. 
5. Wine and Bottle Opener
The holidays will usually involve plenty of wine and beer drinking so it is important to be prepared to open wine and beer bottles. You can find openers in a set if you want to buy both or purchase them individually if you know you will only use one or the other. 
These kitchen items are must-haves for the holiday season so you feel prepared and ready to take on this time of year!